Elie Hirschfeld Shares 3 Keys for Enjoying the Rewards of Lifelong Physical Fitness

Leading New York real estate developer, art collector and philanthropist Elie Hirschfeld has a burning fire that fuels not only his professional achievements – but personal accomplishments. This fire is sustained by his lifelong commitment to fitness and competitive sports, and his engagement in this area is more impressive through each decade of his life.

Hirschfeld’s passion for physical fitness has been a key part of his approach to creating balance and focus in his life, and filling his life with wins and achievements in a wide spectrum of intensely competitive arenas.

“I could not have achieved everything I have in my career and creative pursuits, without a consistent fitness practice. The role fitness plays in my life is just as important and intense as the more cerebral and business-oriented pursuits that I’m driven by. Fitness is an underlying foundation for the energy and persistence required to be a winning player personally and professionally.”

Three keys Hirschfeld has identified that can help anyone increase their commitment to long-term physical fitness as they move through life are consistency, variety and community.

One key to unlocking the ongoing rewards that fitness and sports offer, is making health and exercise a consistent part of your lifestyle. Fitness once-in-a-while doesn’t create momentum. When you make fitness a priority at least 3-4 times per week, over the years it becomes a key to not only your success on the playing field or the track – but a key to your personal vitality and professional success. Especially as we age – it is all too easy to lose ground in areas like strength, stamina, flexibility and agility. If you don’t use it, you lose it. So don’t underestimate the importance of making fitness a consistent part of your life. You owe it to your 80, 90 or 100 year old self.

Elie Hirschfeld has practiced a wide spectrum of fitness experiences and sports throughout his life. He has competed in marathons, triathlons and iron man races around the globe, and enjoys keeping his fitness routine fresh so it never becomes monotonous. Whether his training involves preparing for a new race on fresh terrain, or running with his son in his home city of Manhattan to enjoy quality family time while keeping himself strong and energized – Elie Hirschfeld knows variety keeps fitness fun. And, when you mix up your routine, your body works harder than when you repeat the same motions and exercises every time you work out. Challenge your muscle memory by changing up the routine, and create the biggest possible reward for your body and mind.

Elie Hirschfeld is dedicated to a number of communities he is an active and generous member of, from his local synagogue to international organizations that sponsor athletic events which he competes in year after year. He is also dedicated to sharing his values and insights as a mentor and coach to his children.

Community connections provide opportunities for deeper, more personal connections through fitness. Securing sponsors for a race gives deeper meaning and generosity to the process of training and competing. Sharing the experience of pushing your body past its former limits to gain strength and build resilience and new accomplishments yields benefits that carry through to all areas of life.

Elie Hirschfeld says, “Making fitness a consistent part of your life is key for success in any goal you set out to achieve. Fitness gives you a competitive edge both physically and intellectually. Planning variety into your fitness lifestyle adds tremendous benefits. When you’re experiencing something new or that you haven’t done in a while, its always more challenging and often more enjoyable. And – cultivating community ties is crucial to success. Even in events that aren’t team-based, individuals you train and compete with in your fitness endeavors forge meaningful bonds. Setting fitness goals and working to achieve them with family and friends makes the process all the more gratifying.”

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